Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF), a nonprofit organization devoted to protecting and safeguarding public interest journalism, is searching for a full-time Senior DevOps Engineer to assist us in preserving and enhancing our infrastructure. You can lead improvements to our Constant Integration/Continuous shipping infrastructure, alerting and monitoring, log analysis and ingestion, configuration management, and other methods and procedures. The purpose is to enable our internet development teams to get out changes to manufacturing, possibly targeting Continuous Deployment at a subsequent date. By the moment you connect FPF, we will have a minimum of one site transitioned to the CD infrastructure.

After finishing the switchover of all sites, there are many improvements we’d love to create: per-PR production of sandbox surroundings, integrity verification of container pictures, improved vulnerability scanning and also service that is powerful monitoring and alerting. As we undertake that job, we wish to use the lessons with Kubernetes from others’ experiences, and search for opportunities to collaborate with all the source infrastructure neighborhood. Secure Drop is open source applications employed by over 65 networking anonymous communications between journalists and sources & organization for secure. You may associate with the Secure Drop group on the set up of solutions.

Freedom Of The Press Foundation (FPF)

You may counsel the Secure Drop staff on infra questions linked to this Secure Drop Workstation according to Qubes OS, e.g., both the dev and launch build infrastructures such as both Debian and RPM packages, in addition to CI and analyzing enhancements. You’ll have the chance to work right on developments to this Secure Drop installation storyline that make Secure Drop simpler to keep. You’ll also work through the tickets of this day: updating base operating systems and services, exploring 사설토토사이트 logs, reacting to requests for infra aid, and so forth. We utilize a Kanban design workflow to maintain the daily ticket functioning manageably. Due to the character of our job, we have a tendency to place emphasis on safety in these day-to-day jobs than many organizations.