Artificial Intelligence is being considered as the new age revolutionary technology which is shaping the world towards a new future. The advancements in AI are also happening at a rapid pace & in the process giving rise to numerous breathtaking innovations. Over the year, we have witnessed several innovations in AI like reinforcement learning, neural networks, among others.

In this blog let’s have a look at some of the most advanced applications in AI that changed the world forever.

  • Robot Hand’s Dexterity

OpenAI’s has been very much successful in its research on AI. They have successfully designed a robot hand which is embedded with AI & which is capable to adapt to the real-world environment. This robot hand has successfully solved the Rubik’s cube. Although, having been trained in a simulated environment, Dexterity has proved to be capable of transferring the knowledge into a new situation successfully.

In order to enhance the functionality & operational ability of Dexterity, OpenAI has made use of technique called automatic domain randomization.

  • Deepfake – Bringing Picture To Life

Samsung has come up with a new innovation by using AI back in May, 2019. It has designed a system which has the essential software to transform facial images into video sequences. By making use of generative adversarial network (GAN) they were able to create deep fake videos just from a single image as an input.

The developers here made use of high-fidelity natural image synthesis that enables Machine Learning models in order to bring out a realistic human expression.


  • AI-Generated Synthetic Text

OpenAI has also come up with another advanced innovation in AI. It released a model called Generative Pre-Training (GPT) that makes use of AI to accurately predict & generate synthetic text automatically. The specialty of this model is that it whenever we write a few sentences it can predict the context and generate text on its own.

This model was thoroughly tested across 8 million web pages and proved to be very accurate in its functionality.

Apart from these, there are several other applications involving AI that are proving to be highly revolutionary. Prepare yourself for the rising career opportunities in this future technology with Ai Training In Hyderabad by Analytics Path.